Today I was looking forward to the OMC meditation, and tuned in to Twitter to see when it would be.  Much to my disappointment, there was no meditation scheduled officially for the OMC.  Instead, people were doing “Stop. Drop. Meditate.”  This is basically an impromptu offer to meditate.  Several people did this during the day, but never at a time when I was able to join.

I realized that if I wanted to sit, I was going to have to do it myself.  So, I put out a stop.drop.meditate call saying that I was going to sit if anyone wanted to join me.  I didn’t know what to expect, and having only been part of this crew for a couple of days, I feared that I would be ignored and left to sit on my own.  Fortunately, @metalbuddha chimed in that he would join me.

I gave the call to start and it was a good sit.  At least as good as any I’ve had in this beginning meditation practice.  It made me feel good when @metalbuddha commented that he had really needed to sit just then.

It was good to have the support there.  Made me feel like I can actually do this.

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