I’ve made a decision about this blog.  (If you want to skip the rest of this post, the decision is – I’m keeping it.)

This blog blinked into existence as a project for a class I was taking (I won a free Freshworkshops course in WordPress!).  For the class I had to install and configure WordPress.  To really work it, I had to add posts.  I hit on the domain name, but I really didn’t know where I was going with it.  I really was interested in learning WordPress as a concept.  I didn’t really want to make this an online journal of my day-to-day activities.  I already have that blog.  So, I added a couple of posts about things that were kind of on my mind – nothing earthshattering.

Recently, I’ve been wondering what to do with the blog, and I had decided to get rid of it.  I could use the hosting account for something else, and I wasn’t really going anywhere with the content, so I thought it would be better to just scrap it.

But now I’ve discovered the OMC, and I think I should use this forum to explore my meditation, and Buddhism, and see where I go with that.  If you think of spirituality as “many paths, one truth”, I think I have just stepped off the path I’ve grown up with and I’m looking around.  Not moving forward, not moving backward, but taking in the view.

I still don’t know where I’m going with this, but it should be an interesting journey.

That would explain why the posts that have been sitting here for almost a year are not here any longer.  (And I’ll be changing the theme, too, probably.)

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